Untitled Haze Anemone x Lesser Celandine Patchwork (Unframed)



From a series called Untitled Haze.

This artwork is signed & dated. It is approximately 65 x 112 cm.

The price for this artwork is: £950 plus shipping cost- please see below for further details.



A one-off artwork made using pressed Anemone & Lesser Celandine stems that were homegrown in our garden in London & carefully picked & pressed by us. This artwork is signed & dated. Approximately 65 x 112 cm (w x h). Shown positioned both directly against the wall (1st photo) as well as hanging with open space behind the work (2nd photo) to give a feel for the way light can interact with & change the overall appearance of the paper & pressed flowers.


Part of a series called Untitled Haze. This work is made by encapsulating pressed plant material between sheets of very thin & translucent paper. Using each section as a material the piece is arranged, built up & patchworked together along folded seam-lines as if working with precious & sentimental pieces of fabric. This series has been developed to reflect more intimate interactions with the plant life around us & the narratives of their surroundings- hoping to bring influences of light, air, wind & movement.


The price for this artwork is: £950 

To purchase this piece please contact us either via email (mr.studio.london@gmail.com) or our contact page quoting the title of the artwork so we can discuss further details as well as an appropriate shipping method (if necessary) before finalising an invoice.


** This artwork is not recommended for use as a window screening. Due to being made of paper & plant material an excessively moist/humid environment may adversely affect the longevity of the piece. **

Please also note as these artworks are made using real flowers the colours will gradually fade. We believe that’s the beauty of using real plants. Hope you’ll enjoy this process as much as we do :)


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