Framed Sere Fragments Artwork


This artwork is made on 100% cotton paper and is signed and dated.

Supplied ready to hang in a deep natural oak frame handmade bespoke to the artwork.


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All dried plant material that features on these artworks is locally sourced from nearby our home in London. Each element is completely dry with all shapes and forms left as they were found in nature. We carefully collect only what we will use and make sure to respect the surrounding environment that provides so much inspiration to our work.

This artwork is made on 100% cotton rag paper and is signed and dated. Supplied framed and ready to hang in a thin deep oak profile. The frame was individually handmade by Mike bespoke to the artwork. The artwork is float mounted with a 4cm border and is separated from the glass with a deep spacer. Glazed with anti-reflective glass. The outside size of the frame is approximately 22 x 30cm.

We titled Sere Fragments, with the meaning of dried material, for a series of our projects that began as an extension of flower pressing. During the colder months with less to press from our garden & the wild we started to appreciate & work with the different shapes & elements that emerge & dry naturally.

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Please note as these artworks are made using real plant material colours will change/fade very gradually through exposure to sunlight (indirect & direct). We take care to make sure these artworks are well fixed and stable within the frame and we will pack them as safely as we can when shipping but cannot guarantee that certain dried elements will not become loose within the frame due to excessive movement or impact.

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