Framed Dandelion Seed Patchwork (Untitled Haze)



From a series called Untitled Haze.

This artwork is signed, dated and supplied ready to hang in a thin walnut double glazed frame.



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Lovingly hand-crafted with real Dandelion seeds that were collected from our little garden in London.

From a series called Untitled Haze. These works involve encapsulating pressed plant elements between sections of very thin, translucent paper. Using each section as a material the piece is arranged, built up and patch-worked together along folded seam-lines as if working with precious and sentimental pieces of fabric. This series has been developed to exaggerate delicacy/lightness and require an inherent understanding of the plants and materials we work with.

This artwork is signed, dated and supplied ready to hang in a thin walnut frame glazed on both sides. The frame was individually handmade by Mike and made from repurposed offcuts of moulding. The artwork extends to the edge of the frame and is carefully held so space separates the artwork from the glass in front as well as giving space behind the artwork to help retain the lightness and delicacy of the paper. There is another layer of clear glass set behind the artwork so light can pass through the frame illuminating the paper and arrangement of seeds. The outside size of this framed artwork is approximately 16 x 20.5cm.

The last photo shows a group of artworks from this series. See our listings for other available framed Untitled Haze pieces.

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