About Us

This website is the home of all things
made individually and collaboratively
by Mike Pollard and Rika Yamasaki;
collectively MR Studio London.


Inspired by flowers and foliage from our local environment we create patterns/designs, artworks, greetings cards, drawings and prints.

With Mike having a love for natural materials and processes throughout different crafts and traditions and Rika having an instilled love for nature, the environment and for documenting a passing of time, MR Studio London will be a showcase for these combined sensibilities.

All work shown here has input from both artists and is a natural development of both our combined and individual interests.

We hope that through our work we can begin to share some of the beauty and enjoyment that we find in London’s nature and pass on a love and respect for simple processes and materials that can be found close to home.

All the pressed flowers and foliage that feature in our work are from our little garden & a big forest nearby where we live. We carefully select and pick each flower/leaf taking only the amount that we will use and make sure not to cause any harm to the environment.

Everything is then pressed by us and stored until ready to use in our work. We love this process, for us its a great way to feel and enjoy every season.

We hope through our website and as time passes you will enjoy watching the development of our processes and keep coming back to see our work change as things grow around us :)

Last order dates to receive by Christmas! For UK orders 16/12, for EU orders 12/12 & for all other international orders 5/12 Dismiss