Fern Leaf Print 5×7″

Fern Leaf Lino Print


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A limited edition of 60 prints, all signed and dated. Each printed in a deep dark green colour.

This print is based on a single fern leaf that was carefully picked and pressed by us.

Hand printed on a beautiful lightweight Japanese Kozo paper with hand torn edges.

One picture shows two prints, one on a white background and one directly on the wooden surface to give a feel for the delicacy/translucency of the paper and the colour difference that can occur depending on the backing used.

This print size is approximately 5×7″ supplied with a rigid white backing and sealed in a polypropylene bag. This print can fit straight into a 5×7″ frame (a standard photographic size) with the backing or mounted/floated to go in a larger frame depending on your preference.

Subtle variations will occur between prints due to the hand pulled nature of the printing process.

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